The daytime court television show “Couples Court with the Cutlers” needs audience members. The gig pays $50.

The show, which helps couples fix their relationship problems, will be taping in Atlanta from now through September.

The casting call describes the show as “a court based, daytime television show featuring stories of couples who come to court with questions of infidelity. The judges, as portrayed by Dana Cutler and Keith Cutler, will not issue any kind of binding judgment, but rather, the show and any decisions rendered during the show, will be on a non-binding basis. Many of the series episodes will revolve around ‘expert testimony, other revelations, and/or admissions. For the benefit of the TV audience only, there may be a non-binding verdict or ruling, which in turn may include a non-binding award.”

It’ll be in syndication later this year.

Audience members must be 18 and up. Here’s the link to submit an application

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