$1.31 Ice Cream

“31 Flavors” For You

Ice cream from Baskins Robbins  will be $1.31 on July 31.  With all due respect, Baskin Robbins has surpassed the “31 Flavors” mark for creatively making ice cream.  However, celebrating what made them successful is definitely not a problem.  For years, they have been serving up delicious goodness and the deals are always great on the days that ice cream is celebrated.   In addition, We will definitely be posting on our Facebook Page the latest and greatest deals that will keep you in the loop with deals like this.  We can’t get enough of great deals when it comes to wonderful treats.

celebrate ice cream


As a result, don’t forget to take advantage of this deal on every 31st in which we have three more months:  August, October and December. Valid for any size scoop. However, Not valid with any other offers. All participating U.S. locations.

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