Extra Income Apps That Make You Money

Extra Income Apps are here to stay.  I just want to let you know that I have been doing my research and I want you to know that I want to help you add to your income.  I know that this is not what you are use to from us.  However, I definitely felt like this PSA was necessary for all of our LLHPers that love to save and live life on a budget.

Anyways, Let’s get this post rolling.  Let’s talk about making flexible money from your phone with some extra income apps.

The list is short, but we are going to build on it as I try different gigs.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  We haven’t released any newsletters yet, but it is best to join the list for updates on posts like this one in the future.   Also, keep following us and share this post with friends and family that may find this useful.

1.  Instacart

Let’s first talk about Instacart.  I have been personally working for Instacart since July and I have had some good and bad days.   I call this the “Uber of grocery shopping.”  You grocery shop for customers from your phone.

You don’t have to have a car to work for Instacart, but you do need a very functional smartphone.  There are two positions that are available for this gig.

In-store shopper –  This is an actual employee that only works inside of a specific store and processes orders for full-service shoppers to deliver.  They don’t drive or do any sort of delivery.  They just shop and bag orders.

Full-service shopper-  I do this with my vehicle.  It doesn’t matter how new or old your car is, you can deliver.  I also think they allow bikes, but don’t quote me.  Full-service shoppers shop and deliver.  You work as an independent contractor.  Your income is not taxed, so its up to you to calculate expenses and tax work.

This job is very flexible because we currently set the hours that we can work and they schedule shoppers accordingly.  You don’t have any supervisors, but you are suppose to shop alone.   You are given a debit card to pay for the items and you do not carry money.  The customers order and pay online.  The only exchange involves the groceries going from your hands to their hands.  However, sometimes I have been tipped some cash in hand.  They give you 30 batches so that you can get the hang of it.  The interview process is more like a review of how to do the job than an actual interview.  My worst pay per hour has been about $12.00 an hour and the best has been between $17.00 to $20.00 an hour.  You get paid every WeClick Here for More Info and Actual Reviews

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In addition, I have also been working with Postmates Fleet.  This is not so bad and very fast paced and flexible.  I don’t even schedule my hours because I get a great deal of orders when I log in.  They do say that you can work with Postmates on a bike.  This is also about food delivery, but you go to different restaurants.  Sometimes orders are made by Postmates and sometimes you have to order at the places that you have to get the food from.  It is best to make sure that the food is fresh.  I love the blitz times.  I have made more $30 an hour during the blitz times.  Time goes by pretty fast working this gig and you can’t work anytime you feel like making some cash. Pay is 5 days after the work day.

Again, I want credit for sharing this.  Get started by applying at postmates.com/apply  Please put my email in the referral section:  DannicaMSmith@gmail.com


I have a few apps that I am experimenting with at the moment.  I will share once I feel like they work or can help the next person.

Thanks and share these two opportunities.

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